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Firstly, we care. We invest our ideas, creativity and collective knowledge and experience into your project. If we need more expertise, we find it.

Secondly, we problem-solve. We enjoy aspirational projects that are challenging and require some original and out-of-the-box thinking.

Thirdly, we aim to simplify. We avoid complicating or over-engineering projects. We focus on getting the best outcome for you in the most efficient way possible.


Collectively, at Infinite HQ we have significant experience in initiating and delivering creative, capacity-building educational and digital projects for community, educational and not-for-profit organisations.

We have been successful in partnering with community organisations, including not for profits, on successful grant applications to work on amazing projects that result in lasting impact.

We have runs on the board securing funding for the social impact sector and extensive experience successfully managing government funding and contracts.


Infinite Human Services Workshop

Our clients are businesses, service industries,

not for profits, industry associations, local government,

community services, health professionals & universities.


We initially partnered with an Industry Association to support them in preparing for some key events including their AGM. This involved drafting content, refreshing their promotional materials, ensuring the logo and design elements looked great on their merchandise, organising printing.

We identified an opportunity for a workforce training project and partnered with them to support a funding application to develop an online microcredentialing training product.

Wins for everyone as they are in a position to provide enhanced value to their members.


An animal rescue centre was looking for an online platform to deliver information and training for their staff and volunteers. With a passion for animal welfare and finding the right fostering or adoption situation for cats and dogs, they need to make every dollar go as far as possible. The online training encompasses videos, interactive elements, online quizzes, certificates and analytics.