Our success stories

We enjoy aspirational projects that need original, out-of-the-box thinking

At Infinite HQ we have significant experience in initiating and delivering creative, capacity-building educational and digital projects for community, educational and not-for-profit organisations.

We have been successful in partnering with community organisations, including not-for-profits, on successful grant applications to work on amazing projects that result in lasting impact.

We have runs on the board securing funding for the social impact sector and extensive experience successfully managing government funding and contracts.

We have worked on amazing creative and transformative projects with some of the front runners of the education and training sector.

The industry sector

We have partnered with the Community Housing Industry Association to support them in various key events and projects.

Recently, we were very proud with the launch of Foundations for Growth, the micro-credentials learning program tailored exclusively for the community housing sector, developed in partnership with CHIA Queensland.

This micro-credentialing pilots program is proudly supported and funded by the Queensland Government.

The not-for-profit

We supported Second Chance Animal Rescue with the creation of an online portal to deliver information and training for their staff and volunteers.

As any other not-for-profit organisation, every dollar go as far as possible, and we are very proud to have created an online training solution that encompasses videos, interactive elements, online quizzes, certificates and analytics.