About us

We are passionate about drawing together the best people to work on your project.

We leverage our broad network to source the right expertise to achieve a great result, leveraging relational ways of working and collective intelligence.

Our story 

Ailsa and Sarah developed a successful working partnership through their experience in initiating and delivering creative, capacity-building educational and digital projects for community, educational and not-for-profit organisations.  We worked on a couple of inspiring projects including the Healthy Relationships Program, a domestic and family violence prevention program developed as an engaging online course.

We founded Infinite HQ with a vision to deliver excellence in digital and face to face learning experiences. We built on our existing network of expert professionals to develop a strong capability base delivering value and innovation in learning design.

We use collective intelligence to build original, fit for purpose educational programs.We invest in people, good design, creativity and agile approaches. We love working with our clients to see their vision come to life and to deliver sustainable, positive impact for individuals and communities.

Our team

Introducing our core team that coordinates and works with our network of expert contractors to deliver on educational and online content projects across different contexts and sectors.

Ailsa Leacy

Ailsa Leacy

Managing Director

Ailsa brings over two decades’ experience in senior and executive educational leadership dedicated to creating productive and functional teams with a focus on innovation in educational product development. AIlsa has led the design and implementation of innovative, work-integrated learning programs across schools, vocational, workplace and tertiary settings. She is particularly passionate about leadership, high-performance culture and human skills to meet future workplaces. Her approach to work is that "the almost impossible is the creative space".

Sarah Kilalea

Sarah Kilalea

Director, Client Relations

Originally from Zimbabwe, Sarah brings extensive experience in media and film production, including radio and television. Sarah has experience in managing large-scale projects and delivering on fundraising, sponsorships and events in not-for-profit land. She has been Director of Programming at Joy 94.9, Program Manager at YWCA Queensland and has directed and coordinated many innovative projects and programs. Sarah has extensive professional networks, with a reputation for creativity, enthusiasm, commitment and producing high-quality media products.

Patrick Hyde

Patrick Hyde

Learning Designer

With a passion for everything teaching and learning, Patrick has dedicated his career to adult education. Believing variety is the spice of life, he has worked across roles in Sessional Academia, Project Coordination, Business Analysis, Educational Consultancy, and Learning Design. He has developed a diverse skillset through complex projects, such as QUT’s Digital MBA. Patrick facilitates our educational experiences by connecting the behind-the-scenes systems with learner touch-points. His strong commitment to good educational design, excellence and client service shines in all he does.

Interested in joining us?

We are always keen to connect with people who are creative, hard-working, honest and interested in educational design.