About us

Our Infinite education designers tailor services to fit your context all understand and define your learner, market and organisational needs.

Our story 

Collectively, at Infinite HQ we have significant experience in initiating and delivering creative, capacity-building educational and digital projects for community, educational and not-for-profit organisations.

Our team

We are dedicated to inspire excellence through the creation, design and delivery of engaging educational and digital content.

Ailsa Leacy

Ailsa Leacy

Managing Director

As Managing Director of Infinite HQ, I bring significant experience in delivering innovative and award-winning programs across different organisational settings. With a focus on interactive, engaging learning experiences, I have led the design and implementation of professional learning programs in workplace and tertiary settings. Over two decades of my career in senior and executive leadership have been dedicated to creating productive and functional teams with a focus on innovation in educational product development. I am passionate about leveraging human-centred design, agile approaches, creativity and collective intelligence to create meaningful learning experience that deliver positive impact.

Sarah Kilalea

Sarah Kilalea

Director, Client relations

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